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[DIR]CoursASM.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31449.05KApprendre l'assembleur (INTEL - DOS 16 bits)
[DIR]InterruptionsDOS.txt03-Feb-2009 20:3118.77KListe des Interruptions DOS
[DIR]The Art Of Assembly Language.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:315.29M 
[DIR]asmcodes-1.0.2.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31273.55Kasm x86 bootstrap
[DIR]att-vs-intel.txt03-Feb-2009 20:314.85KDifference Between AT&T and Intel Assembly Syntax
[DIR]bootwrit_fr.html03-Feb-2009 20:3113.75KTutorials vx en francais
[DIR]helppc.tar.gz03-Feb-2009 20:31181.93Kla reference pour programmer en ASM
[DIR]intel_arch_optimization.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:311.80MOptimisation pour les architectures intel (asm et C)
[DIR]intro.txt03-Feb-2009 20:3111.84KA general NASM guide for TASM coders and other ASM people
[DIR]nasmBoot_fr.txt03-Feb-2009 20:317.14Kasm x86 bootstrap
[DIR]oi31-1.txt03-Feb-2009 20:3114.74KCodage de l'information dans un ordinateur
[DIR]pc_asm_language.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31557.25Kasm x86 bootstrap
[DIR]structures.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:3132.65K 
[DIR]unreal.html03-Feb-2009 20:318.26Kasm x86 le mode unreal
[DIR]x86dis.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31231.48K 

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