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[DIR]Data_Dissimulation.txt03-Feb-2009 20:3115.65KLa dissimulation de donnees
[DIR]acm_outguess.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31202.22K[stega] attacking outguess stegano
[DIR]cryptous.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31144.50Kanalysis algo stegano wordlists
[DIR]detecting.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31821.16Kanalyse de documents contenant de la steganographie (cf stegdetect)
[DIR]ieee99-infohiding.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:313.29M[stega] la theorie de base de la steganographie
[DIR]ih02.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31494.59K[stega] detecter de la stegano en utilisant des math vectorielles
[DIR]ihw99.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31963.68K[stega] casser de la stegano en utilisant des algo math. demo illustree
[DIR]jsac98-limsteg.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31155.76K[stega] les limites de la stegano 1998
[DIR]r2026.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:312.28M[stega] explorer et comprendre la steganographie
[DIR]stegano-sand-musset.rtf03-Feb-2009 20:316.59K 
[DIR]stegdetectrch.txt03-Feb-2009 20:317.90Kpapier de recherche pratique sur stegdetect utilise sur jphide
[DIR]tr01.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:31602.32K[stega] math pour detecter de la stegano, classement et etude de differents outils de steg

There are two major produts that come out of Berkley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. [JS Anderson]
            _,'|             _.-''``-...___..--';)
           /_ \'.      __..-' ,      ,--...--'''
          <\    .`--'''       `     /'
           `-';'               ;   ; ;
     __...--''     ___...--_..'  .;.'
    (,__....----'''       (,..--''