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[FOLDER] Parent Directory - Agonizing Memories [TXT] 0105d.htm 21-Jan-2003 00:00 22K Securing FreeBSD using Jail [TXT] Big_Scary_Daemons.html 19-Jan-2002 00:00 11K Bases des Ports Collections BSD [TXT] FreeBSD_1st_installation.html 30-Apr-2002 01:00 15K *bsd-specific [TXT] Hosting-shell-FreeBSD.html 15-Sep-2003 01:00 22K *bsd-specific [TXT] IP_DUMMYNET.html 02-Oct-2002 01:00 20K IP_DUMMYNET [TXT] acl.html 15-Aug-2003 01:00 4.4K [TXT] armoring-fr.html 19-Jan-2002 00:00 27K Armoring FreeBSD [txt] binup.pdf 15-Sep-2003 01:00 51K An Automated Binary Security Update System for FreeBSD [TXT] getfacl.html 15-Aug-2003 01:00 2.2K [TXT] how_many_swap.txt 12-Dec-2003 00:00 6.4K Le ration RAM <=> Swap [TXT] howto_secure_bsd.html 24-Feb-2002 00:00 40K FreeBSD Security How-To [TXT] ipsec-howto.txt 19-Jan-2002 00:00 23K [TXT] jails_intro.txt 15-Sep-2003 01:00 15K A general NASM guide for TASM coders and other ASM people [txt] kamp.pdf 15-Sep-2003 01:00 47K [txt] netbsd.pdf 02-Oct-2002 01:00 108K Design & Implementation of the NetBSD rc.d system [FreeBSD-5.0] [TXT] otpie.html 15-Feb-2003 00:00 17K O'Reilly Network: One-Time Passwords [IMG] poster_openbsd_defaced.jpg 30-Nov-2003 00:00 384K The Art of defacement [TXT] secure.txt 19-Jan-2002 00:00 13K [TXT] secure_daemons-fr.html 19-Jan-2002 00:00 19K Sécuriser ses services sous *BSD [TXT] securiser_FreeBSD.txt 21-Sep-2003 01:00 160K *bsd-specific [TXT] setfacl.html 15-Aug-2003 01:00 4.9K [txt] 13-Dec-2003 00:00 128K [VM] Compresser les pages au lieu de les swapper... tout un concept ! [txt] trust000.pdf 23-Oct-2003 01:00 45K [txt] trusted_.pdf 23-Oct-2003 01:00 51K [Zip] 23-Oct-2003 01:00 417K Introducing Supporting Infrastructure for Trusted Operating System Support in BSD [txt] 23-Oct-2003 01:00 505K Upload d'un PDF le 16 aout [TXT] trustedbsd-fr.html 19-Jan-2002 00:00 14K Introduction aux extensions de sécurité TrustedBSD [Zip] 23-Oct-2003 01:00 211K [TXT] tuto_ufs_acl.txt 26-Aug-2003 01:00 3.3K [txt] watanabe.pdf 06-Jun-2002 01:00 94K Implementation de l'ACPI dans FreeBSD
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