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[FOLDER] Parent Directory - Agonizing Memories [DIR] c.kernel/ 08-Feb-2003 00:00 - Only for hackers ! [DIR] 03-Apr-2004 01:00 - [DIR] kern.bsd/ 14-May-2005 01:00 - *bsd-specific [DIR] kern.linux/ 14-May-2005 01:00 - linux-specific [DIR] kern.sun/ 03-Apr-2004 01:00 - [DIR] 03-Apr-2004 01:00 - [txt] 04-May-2003 01:00 127K [sched] generalites sur les ordonnaceurs de taches [txt] 30-Jan-2001 00:00 321K [txt] bvm.pdf 03-Apr-2004 01:00 45K [VM] Before the memory was virtual [txt] compressed_caching.pdf 10-Jul-2003 01:00 119K Adaptative compressed caching : Design and implementation [txt] 03-Apr-2004 01:00 289K [VM] Memory Management hardware, and its support for Operating Systems [txt] 03-Apr-2004 01:00 307K [VM] Software-Managed address translation [txt] 03-Apr-2004 01:00 676K [VM] Virtual memory in contemporary microprocessors [txt] 03-Apr-2004 01:00 230K [VM] Page table structures for fine-grain virtual memory [txt] 03-Apr-2004 01:00 229K [VM] Limitations of page table Schemes [txt] 08-Nov-2003 00:00 69K [txt] lottery_scheduling.pdf 08-Dec-2002 00:00 216K [sched] Lottery Scheduling: Flexible Proportional-Share Resource Management [Zip] 20-Jan-2003 00:00 129K [sched] Implementing Lottery Scheduling : Matching the specializations in tradiotional schedulers [txt] 03-Apr-2004 01:00 232K [VM] MMU impacts on system architecture [txt] nelson90virtual.pdf 03-Apr-2004 01:00 56K [VM] Virtual Memory VS. the File System [txt] paas_slides.pdf 23-Oct-2005 01:00 68K Win32 API Emulation on UNIX [   ] phd.dvi 20-Jan-2003 00:00 5.9M [sched] le phd de Waldspurger [txt] polytech.pdf 20-Jan-2003 00:00 199K Cours ecole polytechnique : concurence [txt] presentation_libreast_2004.pdf 01-May-2004 01:00 381K fonctionement des systemes d'exploitation par l'exemple de KOS [txt] proc_unix.pdf 20-Jan-2003 00:00 101K cours sur les processus unix [txt] processus_ordonnancement.pdf 08-Dec-2002 00:00 104K [sched] processus ordenancement [txt] 20-Jan-2003 00:00 773K [Sched] PS Scheduling : Implementation & Evaluation in a Widely-Deployed OS> [txt] 03-Apr-2004 01:00 74K [VM] Machine-independant Virtual Memory Management for paged uniprocessor and multiprocessor architectures [txt] 04-May-2003 01:00 239K [sched] Ordonnancement sous contraintes temps reel [txt] vm.pdf 03-Apr-2004 01:00 19K [VM] Virtual memory (dening) [txt] 20-Jan-2003 00:00 1.4M [sched] PS Scheduling : Stride : Determinitstic Proportional-Share Resource Management
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