Un jour j'ai arrete de bosser...
et ma tete s'est remise a marcher.
--Anita Bomba
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[DIR]bsd_net_stack_virt.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:32223.06KBSD Network Stack Virtualisation
[DIR]bsd_network_stack_virtualisation.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:32226.39K 
[DIR]dev_handbook.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:321.42M 
[DIR]netbsd.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:32108.50KDesign & Implementation of the NetBSD rc.d system [FreeBSD-5.0]
[DIR]trustedbsd-bsdcon-2000.ps03-Feb-2009 20:32629.50KIntroducing Supporting Infrastructure for Trusted Operating System Support in BSD
[DIR]trustedbsd-usenix-2001.ps03-Feb-2009 20:32210.65KTrustedBSD : Adding Trusted Operating System Features to FreeBSD

A Puritan is someone who is deathly afraid that someone, somewhere, is having fun.
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