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[DIR]Defeating_DEP_and_ASLR_in_Windows.pdf30-Jul-2011 12:191.24M 
[DIR]Intro_to_Win32_Exploits.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:361.25M 
[DIR]Zero allocations vulnerabilities - CCC version.zip03-Mar-2011 13:05263.71K 
[DIR]bugs.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:363.02MBug hunting: Vulnerability finding methods in Windows 32 environments compared
[DIR]bypassing-win32-nx.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:36124.55KBypassing Windows Hardware-enforced Data Execution Prevention
[DIR]seh-exploitation.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:36921.97KPractical SEH exploitation
[DIR]temporal.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:36238.60KTemporal Return Addresses
[DIR]win32-shellcode.pdf03-Feb-2009 20:36424.78KUnderstanding Windows Shellcode

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